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  • Deleted user 27 January 2013 10:39:54
    Sandbox wrote:
    redneon wrote:
    If I were to go with an AMD CPU would I be best off getting an ATI GPU too? I just wondered, with them being from the same company, if there's any benefits? I'd rather have an NVidia GPU though, if I'm honest, as the Linux drivers are much better than the ATI ones.
    I build PC's for a living, supplying a number of business and schools. I have based this on AMD stuff as that is what I know, they work very well and tend to offer a few more features at a given price. The computing industry is going multi-core, and as software catches up AMD's stuff just gets better.

    Watching the video you posted and looking at the comparative technical specs, the AMD cpu does compare more favourably on features+memory bandwidth to Intel's LGA2011 systems, and is still cheaper than the lesser Intel ivy-bridges.


    The only reservation I'd have about recommending AMD/ATI stuff is from reliability. And driver support. In my experience Windows does tend to degrade performance quicker on AMD CPUs. Hotfixes/service packs don't tend to cripple ageing Intel CPU systems the same for some inexplicable reason.
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