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    @FutileResistor Heh. As luck would have it, my order was delayed because the PSU I'd selected wasn't in stock! :D So I've got them to replace it with the Tx650 and it's all gone through.

    @tossum I haven't seen anything about that while I've been researching... I dropped AMD 8350 as I could only find that one video where it beat the i5 3570k. All other benchmarks I found put the i5 3570k ahead. For gaming at least, anyway. Plus, the 8350 consumes more power so, technically, over the life of the CPU you'll end up paying a lot more for it anyway. Though I'd be lying if I said that even factored into my decision. I went with an NVidia GPU purely because of the quality of the Linux drivers over ATI. While I admire ATI for supporting open drivers, as a consumer I'm more bothered about performance so I'll take NVidia's closed drivers :)
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