#9332678, By DugBriderider Is there an interest in oldies playing games?

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    From the look of the Videos, they have access to Steam and a Control Pad. I only watched the Geometry Wars one (don't want to spoil Amnesia for myself) That was a bit on an unfair start, even experienced players would have a quick look at the Help menu on a new game.

    I would recommend checking out the Steam Demos (free portions of a game), would be good for your purposes.

    An easy start would be Toki Tori, my 3 year old can play that (Demo available)

    Other quirky games with free demos available on Steam at for mid-spec PC's that might interest you.

    Slow Paced
    Braid, Bookworm Adventures, Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes

    Faster (but not as fast a Geometry Wars)
    Torchlight, Zeno Clash, Majicka

    Cheap but no Demo available
    Terraria , Awesomenauts

    As a gamer with a family of non-gamers this series looks interesting, I've subscribed to the you tube channel.
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