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    Salaman wrote:
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    localnotail wrote:
    Nice guys finish last - and then give you a cuddle.
    That phenomena represents one of two things:

    1. A knowing lack of effort on behalf of the guy to make themselves look less aggressive and therefore "nice" making easier for them to cop a feel by giving a "cuddle."

    2. People who just suck at stuff justifying to themselves and others that they lost because they're just too nice. No. You came last because you're shit.
    Yeah, totally this. Particularly number 2. Being "nice" is often the fake consolation prize for fuglies and losers. The reality is I'm afraid that if someone tell you that they don't want to go out with you because you're "too nice", they are in fact telling you you're too ugly.
    Are you all missing the obvious joke in local's post?
    Only us nice guys get it! Giggity! ;)
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