#9326658, By Blerk What was your first car?

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    S.J.Rogers wrote:
    Blerk wrote:
    An ancient Leyland Mini, much like this one but without the stripes on the bonnet. And, if we're being fair, also without much of the floor. Made going through puddles a lot more fun.

    Edit: That'd have been 1989/90ish, I guess. No idea what reg it was, but it was ooooooooold. :)
    Me too...

    It lasted about a month before i ended up in someones living room after going through their fence, garden, trees, over their pond, up the patio and through their french doors..! I also knocked over a concrete lamppost at the same time.

    That was an EXPENSIVE evening, especially at the tender age of 17..! :(
    I bow before your driving awesomeness! :D
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