#9327644, By quadfather What was your first car?

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    jenguin wrote:
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    jenguin wrote:
    A 1987 Citroen BX. RE Leader special edition - which meant it had all extra non essential driving features ripped out.

    Though in true citroen stylee - it did have the ability to bounce up and down like a slow motion low-rider thanks to the hydraulic suspension controls . . .

    Mine was like the one above - but worse.
    lol - this is the exact same one that I had when the suspension went. Couldn't afford to get it fixed either, so had to drive round with it rattling like a fucking horse and cart for a few months.
    I eventually got used to it, but my mates were like, "What the fuck is wrong with this car?!"

    lol, great days
    Mine went as well . . . was still driveable for a bit, then it completely collapsed. So ended up with about an inch ground clearance. I still tried to drive it to the garage - but my youthfull brain forgot the brakes were on the same hydraulic system, so I didn't have any.

    If I close my eyes I can still see myself sailing over a busy road junction on the A60 franticaly pulling on the handbrake and miraculously not hitting anything.

    My boss just gave me a funny look for pissing myself laughing reading that :)
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