#9327293, By SClaw Are games too long?

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    Depends on the game and the gamer.

    I find stuff like earlier CoD etcs single player trivial nonsense, so Iím happy enough that they arenít more than eight or so hours long. But sit me in front of a JRPG which expects me to grind on the same (or different coloured but the same model) enemies for hours and hours and Iíll happily zombie away at it for ages Ė Iím a bit miffed if I can finish a JRPG in under 30 hours (even without much grinding). On the other hand I got bored of all the Fallout games, Borderlands and Skyrim after less than twenty hours and never went back to them apart from the occasional mess about.

    For me I think the difference is entirely in presentation. Some games reward you in tiny, incremental ways that make the effort seem worthwhile (something I think JRPG do far better than our own Ė getting a few extra VIT can suddenly make you seem like you leapt over a mountain) while others are more skill based and, basically, once you learn how to play itís all just whether youíre playing crap or not more than the in game skills. I mean for all the fun skills in Borderlands 2, it basically comes down to shooting stuff in the face.

    SoÖ in answer to the question yes, I think many western games are getting too much padding and are paced poorly or at least reward you badly for your time. I think Dragon Age 2 is a prime criminal in that debate; itís like they made it longer because people expect an RPG to be long. A bit of editing could have trimmed five hours of that game with no great loss.
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