#9327624, By dancingrob Are games too long?

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    Most games are far too long.

    For 'story' games, plenty of devs are capable of a good 8-10 hour game, but commercial pressures seem to mean they're incapable of releasing said decent 8-10 hour game without adding another 5-10 hours of padding purely so they can avoid a horde of fuckwitted teenagers on forums screaming that a '5 hour game is a rip-off' having seen what happens to games that do (I'm thinking Vanquish / Limbo etc. here)

    Given the generally poverty of storytelling in games generally, this is not a good thing at all, as it means that as well as another 3 hours traversing grey corridors, you're also doing it having been backstabbed by an apparent ally / in order to find the McGuffin of Troooth without even a cursory attempt at justification from a story perspective.

    My basic theory on this is that devs just haven't grown up with the industry. Back in the day, the main problem 'we' had was lack of money, a we would therefore play things to death, getting every last collectible etc. Now we're old, the main problem is lack of time, and we'd much rather just skip the dull bits to get to the (usually) decent ending.

    Unfortunately, most devs are still writing for the first of these audiences, hence lots of padding / the continued existence of pointless collectibles / appalling characterisation (particularly of women) / poor storytelling etc.
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