#9335927, By Tonka How long before Apple die?

  • Tonka 31 Jan 2013 11:52:22 27,850 posts
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    bdaggers wrote:
    I agree with the 'age' thing.

    I need my phone to work everyday, whenever I need it. No faffing around with tweaks and shit. iPhone does that for me - I can rely on it.

    Years ago I also would've had the time to install weird shit and jail break it. Not now.
    There is no need for fading around if you get a relatively modern android build. Is a bunch of FUD.

    I guess it helps of you have gmail though...

    What do you use your phone for? Apple do have some great third party apps that android lack so that might be a reason. But if you want to navigate, watch YouTube and Facebook then pure iOS is the shitter choice.
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