#9332834, By MetalDog Most beautiful non-"realistic" game of all time?

  • MetalDog 30 Jan 2013 11:03:01 24,080 posts
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    ResidentKnievel wrote:
    The way the shadows look is integral to Wind Waker's style, it's the main reason why I think the early screenshots of Wind Waker HD look wrong as they've 'fixed' them.
    I was thinking more of this sort of thing.

    It is a fine-looking beast and I can understand some folk picking it as their favourite if they like the art style. I didn't like the style though, I thought all the characters looked like bobble-headed horrors =D Then again, I appreciated, but did not like the art style in Okami as well.

    Good shout with Grim Fandango, very nice and unique character design in that. Add Psychonauts to the pile as well, that had a striking style, particularly the bullfighter/black velvet level.
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