#9333679, By ISmoke is the dj dead?

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    I mix! I actually know the TC Song your on about. It's actually one of my reasons I hate seeing TC live because he just sits there playing with CDJ's (it's partly because i'm not a fan of the jump-up-esque DnB he is playing - nice he is from Bristol though)

    I do agree, I know a few people younger than me now starting to DJ and when I ask what are they using i get the response of Virtual DJ with a Midi controller. I get so annoyed as they haven't had to learn the basics of beat matching because they have a big red button that says "Sync" on what takes all the fun (and frustration)out of learning.

    On the other hand there is some good software out there now. I've been using Serato Scratch Live for the last year and a bit now on my SL1210 MK2's So i am falling dangerously close into 'Laptop DJ' territory but the way i see it, i'm still using vinyl as my mixing medium and Serato SL doesn't beat match for you (though you can see when the breakdowns and drops are coming in the tune but it's no different than reading a vinyl) so you still have to have the ear for listening to 2 or more songs as once.

    Also who can argue with buying a WAV EP of 4/6 tunes for 7 when a vinyl costs atleast 5 for latest releases. I do buy some special tunes on vinyl but i haven't for a while. Original Sin: Mad Word EP was the last physical release i bought.
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