#9338698, By Widge is the dj dead?

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    I wrote a big waffle on the rise of the Sync button ages:


    in essence: it is not just about being a human metronome, that is just one aspect. So your beats are matched (unless the algorithm goes mental on you), it is still about what you play. When I see someone, I want to hear their own unique musical stamp... that is where the years are spent and not in an exercise in counting to four.

    Lots of people are using technology to mix things up a bit. Saytek and Nadja Lind play live sets made out of their own material, all sequenced live at the gig - unique. Lots of people are getting happy with loops and live remixing. Then there are the crop of acts who are putting bands together for live shows.

    For every one of these, there are a thousand DJ's who just ravage Beatport or the tracklisting of their idolised DJ... beatmatching or not, those are the ones that are bobbins.

    Besides, even without the sync button, digital DJing has made the manipulation of music much easier by hand... no vinyl drift and great jogwheel control. It is easier to be a metronome than ever before.
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