#9338712, By Widge is the dj dead?

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    boo wrote:
    I can go into a supermarket and buy a cake, but it doesn't make me Mr Kipling!
    True, but then I'd query your choice of cake... why did you go any buy that cake, what about you knowledge of baking history, what are you bringing to the table that is unique and interesting that makes me want this cake over what someone else has bought.

    The sheer volume of music makes trainspotting an actual talent in itself. Being well versed in the history of house music means you can spot the absolute ASS out of the current retro revival and pick out the true gems. Plus a hell of a lot of DJs are producing themselves, and you are hearing them drop things they have created.

    I'd rather go to a clubnight than be part of a crowd that stand facing forwards at bunch of people on stage, waiting for them to play things I already know. ALTHOUGH, this phenomenon is infiltrating the clubworld too:


    It needs to go. Face away from the stage.
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