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    Slapping this on here and a variety of places. I think the prices are fair based on research, but welcome to offers:

    Lian-Li PC P50 case

    http://lian-li.com/v2/en/product/product06.ph ... mp;sc_index=25&ss_index=62

    Details about condition:

    The front panel attaches with 4 x clipper things. 1 of these has broken off. It doesn't stop the thing working, or any cosmetic issues but a consideration. Lower front left might have a scuff or two. (I'm thinking you can probably get a new as a spare part if you are dead keen on it)
    The rear fan is broken I think, needs a new one.
    Dusty - but I shall clean!
    I bought an addition to this, an extra rack (for 3) of HDD space which has a fan attached. This gives 2 x fans across the front and a total of 6 HDD space. So a bit of cosmetic wear, but some addition schniz over the 135.

    It is too mega for me to send, so local bods to consider?


    4 X HDD - selling as SEEN as I haven't got the gumf to run them through checkers. I did just plug them into my Steambox to transfer everything to my NAS though, so are working.

    160GB - 15
    320GB - 20
    2 x 500GB - 40 each (these ones are the newest)

    AMD PhenomII 955 X4 AM3 - and I think I still have the box! - 50

    Arctic 64 Pro cooler - 15

    MSI AM3 Mobo - I think it is a slightly different revision to this fellow:



    AMD 4890 Powercolour 1GB - 40

    RAM - think it is 12800 DDR3:

    A 2 x 2GB variant of this:
    http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php ... 01&catid=8&subcat=1517


    And some other RAM, I think it is Corsair again but without the big epic fins. 2 x 2GB and matching voltage for the Corsair blues. Actually better as it fits underneath the cooler!


    2 x Optical drives - DVD-RW and CD-RW I think - I'll take offers on these.

    Modular HX520w Corsair PSU - 40

    1080p monitor - I forget the brand but it is reputable, I shall chase this up at home. I forget the inch too? 22-26? Think it might be a LED one from HP. 100 provisional.

    and there will be shed loads of cables left over.

    As you can tell, this is a PC breakage. I can post most on, but the monitor/case might be something local or for review.

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