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  • Deleted user 2 February 2013 01:26:41
    ibenam wrote:
    Jordyce wrote:
    Syrette wrote:
    Jordyce wrote:
    I never really got the appeal of the 360, I'm assuming it was the price and release date more than games that tipped the scales for sales.
    Yes being first to market helped massively but you're doing the console a disservice and making yourself sound a little ignorant in the process.
    As I said, personally I never saw the appeal of the 360 as someone who doesn't particularly play shooters. But I get that as a consumer in Xmas '07, you had the 360 which was significantly cheaper, # of games and better online infrastructure. Nowadays none of those are particularly the case, there's a wider variety of exclusives, free online, multi-plat quality is on par. Most hardcore gamers I know are on PS3 now (where they may not have been five years ago).
    Most of my friends are black so its impossible for me to be racist.
    Absolutely I'll admit I have a biased view and prefer the PS3, as do most of my friends. Would anyone like to correct me? I can't say I particularly search out for 360 news or information, if someone wants to say why they'd purchase one over a PS3 these days that's something I'd be interested in.
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