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    ibenam wrote:
    Chopsen wrote:
    Amateur armchair marketing. It's interesting to talk about big companies and why they might win or lose by extrapolating from your own experience. It can pass the time and be harmless entertainment. Taking it personally and throwing insults about? Less so.

    I didnt see any of this,

    I saw a retarded queztion and gave an appropiate response.
    That's what I'm interested in. I understand why the 360 and Wii had such a strong market share in '07-10, but don't understand why most gaming consumers would now choose them now. Wii sales obviously dropped, but 360 is steady-ish. If the answer is simply more effective marketing and shooters being that much of a dominating force that's fine.

    EDIT: And understanding this ties into a next generation where people will likely be making a direct decision in again in Orbis vs. Durango. Different systems than PS3/360 sure, but comparisons can be made to some extent. If Microsoft's got more potential than I'm seeing, and the PS4 appears to be DoA, then heck, I may change my system preference (keeping Wii U sort of out of the equation due to the nature of it).

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