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    Alastair wrote:
    warlockuk wrote:
    This one
    That looks like one of Mongo's unboxing videos.
    So glad he took the time to show us the back of the console.
    Yeah, I've never understood unboxing videos. They just seem weird to me.
    Particularly when they take ages to do the unboxing. It'd be more logical to film the box, then show it open and pause the video, unpack everything and lay it out on a table, shoot that - then pick up the game or device or whatever and get reviewing.

    The whole slow real-time effort with the laborious breathing and often monotonous speech that goes with it just seems to be a total waste of time.

    People who make videos of this shit: Stop wasting time. Nobody wants to spend 10-15 minutes in the company of someone who makes unboxing videos. Keep that shit snappy. Box. Open. Stuff. Action. The first three should take 30 seconds. 60 MAX.

    If the purchase is funded by Nazi Gold or by sueing a government / publicly funded / charity institution because you're fundamentally unlikeable it's probably best to keep the video *really* short to minimise people's hatred of you as a person.

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