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    agparrot wrote:
    Mr_Sleep wrote:
    ...Scotland's defence has been immense and I think that seems to have had a massive impact on Italy's ability to play.
    Yes, I think this is what has shaped the game more than anything else really - Scotland have denied Italy any time and most of the space they've needed to make plays, and then - perhaps as a result of it being a mostly Blitz defence, having people quickly there to pick up any lost ball and turn it over, or to pounce and get interceptions and take points from them.

    I'm sure they'll all be happy with that.
    Ireland showed a fairly good way of playing against the blitz, just play a bit deeper and you get extra time to play and avoid the blitz and if it doesn't work perfectly there's a whole ton of space in behind. I'm fairly sure Ireland will exploit this in the next match and it'll be a very different game.

    I do wish they wouldn't mic the players so close, singing really isn't their strong point!
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