#9341635, By dominalien Searching for an old rpg for the pc - late nineties?

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    skit_samma wrote:
    Wonderful! It was Quest for Glory 3. Recognized it as soon as I saw it. After all these years I'll finally get to play it again! Thanks!:D

    The rpg was not the one, but nvm, I don't even know if it exists. A friend told me about it way back. Most important thing is that Quest for Glory 3 is found!
    Get all five games for pennies from GOG. They're all excellent, with arguably part 2 being the best. It hasn't, as far as I know, been remade in VGA, though, so it still comes with EGA graphics and the older Sierra interface (typing commands to interact with stuff, gasp). QfG1 is remade in VGA and highly playable.

    By the way, there is a QfG2 remake and it is glorious. Highly recommended. :-)

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