#9351670, By richardiox PS2 Emulation - dev's art set free?

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    Play Mario galaxy 2 at 1080P then try to say it isn't a step up from the Wii ! 360 pad maps to it perfectly by the way. Playing it earlier, mostly getting 60fps and that's just with a 'lowly' 3.1ghz i3.

    Agree with OP though, DQ8 looks awesome in crisp HD resolutions. It just goes to show how crucial the HD leap that consoles took was, the artwork is so much easier to appreciate. I imagine that in the development environment this is how they would have seen these games anyway, doing most of their work on monitors as opposed to the consumers who got a watered down TV resolution version.

    After finding out Twin Snakes doesnt run too well through emulation, I'm going to try and get the PSX version of MGS running at a decent res with lots of AA and AF. Not sure how I'll get past psycho mantis though (swapping controller ports)

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