#9351218, By Dangerous_Dan 'Fake' Girl Gamers - A Rant

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    On the one hand, I am talking from my own experience. From stand-ups and personal experience and I just find men to be more funny and entertaining than women. I don't even know as many female stand-up gals and out of those I know (more than 10 at least) there is one which I found good, the alright kind of good. Unfortunately I forgot her name, I'd have liked to mention her because I consider it a rare thing. She's jewish by the way, so there's another cliches I'm spouting.

    There is self-fulfilling prophecies, for sure but in my case it's not there when it comes to funny stand-ups - well at least I don't think so ;)
    But up to 2 year ago I had never heared about this women are not as funny as men talk and then I came across this on youtube:

    Then I was like, yeah well, hadn't thought about it before but from what I can tell, I have to agree with him.
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