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    I think one of the reasons women aren't considered as funny is that not only do they not need to be funny to attract men, they don't need to try and make each other laugh, because that's what men are doing all the time. I've never really seen a group of women have "the funny" one. I'm sure there are some, but it's pretty much a necessity in male friendship groups. That's not to say women aren't as interesting/intelligent blah blah.

    Men on the other hand, not only need it for talking to women and what have you, they also have to practice and get self assurance that they are then funny. I suppose men try to be funny more often, so more of them realise they are good at it/want to do it for a living.

    I'd also argue that making people laugh is a reaction to feeling ignored or whatever. If you're a man and not attractive or good with women then growing up you really aren't going to be getting attention from women, for obvious reasons, or from the guys because respect is dished out depending on how good you are with women/if you're a gateway to women. Women don't have that same problem I don't think, at least not to the same extent.


    99% of men try to be funny on a regular basis = lots of men realise they're funny and love making people laugh.

    Relatively few women in comparison try to be funny on a regular basis = fewer women realise they're funny and love making people laugh.
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