#9351144, By Krappers Thoughts on next xbox stopping preowned games.

  • Krappers 6 Feb 2013 19:30:51 42 posts
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    Reading the reports on various gaming sites today,about the next xbox requiring an always on internet connection, & single use codes. These would be put in after purchasing your game brand new, & registering that copy of the game to that account ( gamertag ).
    I have to say my first thoughts were you can bollocks microsoft !
    Then thinking about it abit longer it struck me (& i may be wrong about this) that doesnt this just bring it in line with pc gamers. I assume (i may be wrong) that a game purchased on an account like Steam or Origin etc. is tied to that account. And cant be passed around friends, family members & so on.
    PC gamers are well use to always on DRM. And cant trade in games, although im aware of the Steam case in (i think) Germany.
    Also what if it doesnt kill preowned games. But required you to purchase a code when you bought it second hand at Game or where ever. That way atleast publishers/studios may see some return for games sold.
    Just thoughts. And sorry if ive got my understanding of how pc gaming works wrong, not being a pc gamer.
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