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    Why do we have to be nice to handicapped people? I'm not saying we should be nasty, just that surely we should treat them just like anyone else. I know there might be certain requirements that have to be taken into consideration, such as a kid I knew when I was younger had prosthetic legs due to a being born with out his own ones so stairs etc were a problem, and he always walked like he was drunk. It has been bugging me since yesterday though. My daughter was watching some dance talent show thing and a group of people with downs syndrome came on and done a ballet routine. I appreciate it was a big thing for them and took more effort than it would for a 'normal' person that had been training. The thing is though, it wasn't great compared to the rest of the stuff that had been shown. It was about as good as my daughter when she had only been dancing for a year, but all the judges were 'oooooh that's so good, such strength and so well done' and 'That's amazing, I am amazed at how amazing that was'. All three judges gave them a pass to the next round and then there were the after shots of gushing and cooing. I thought, if my daughter and her mates had gone on after twelve months ballet training and done something they would have been told to go away and come back when they had something worth doing, but because these people had downs it didn't happen. Surely that is just over patronising at the very least, and I might even go as far as to say it is unfair because they hadn't been put through on skill, but because they had downs.
    And while I'm at it, why do people talk to o.a.ps' as if they are kids. If someone talks to me like that when I'm old I'll tell them to fuck right off. And the missus is watching a recorded come dine with me and there is some twat on there that was banging on about body building and being like Arnie yesterday. He was wearing a vest yesterday and is wearing another one today. He isn't even very muscly though, so why bother. He isn't a chubster or anything but he is nothing special. What a twat.

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