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    meme wrote:
    also, why do we give women the vote
    Because that is equality. Why shouldn't we give women the vote. If that was aimed at me you obvioulsy haven't read my post properly. I am saying it is unfair to give someone preferential treatment because they are handicapped. I.E putting a dance act through based on them having downs and not based on their skill compared to other acts in the show. I have nothing against handicapped people and understand they may have certain requirements to help them get on with things. I also know there are plenty of handicapped people that don't let things get in the way of what they want to acheive. But some people look at them and go, aaahhh, how cute. They are handicapped and not very good at dancing so lets tell them they are great and gush and swoon and coo. OK, they have been dancing a while, but they aren't great at it. I'm sure they enjoyed themselves and that's good for them. I enjoy karaoke when I've had a few ciders, but I can't sing for toffee so I wouldn't expect to go very far in the X factor. But if I had downs and sung badly should I go through to the finals?
    Also, ref disabled people not letting things get in the way, this guy has that sorted...
    But I wouldn't give him a free pass to the final of Wipeout.

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