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    Stickman wrote:
    It's an entertainment show. Watching people with Down's do ballet is entertaining.
    Only if it's either good dancing or so bad it's funny. I enjoy things like the Britains Got Talent and The X Factor when they do the auditions because they only tend to show the really good or the really bad acts with little bits of average people in between. That is entertaining, but the downs dance troupe were neither really good or really bad. I feel that they were shown on tele purely because they had downs, and that is the only reason they got put through too. Like I say, if it was a group of normal kids that had had a bit of training and could pretty much dance in time and throw a few moves together they wouldn't have even been in the televised show. Are we all expected to go 'oh well done you lot, your dancing was way below the standard of everyone else that goes to the finals, but you have downs so we will ignore your skill and ability level and give you false hope that you will win something'.
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