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    sajasanman wrote:
    See your point, as positive discrimination where police forces etc I think aim for more ethnic targets. Bolloxs. No such thing as positive discrimaination, there is just discrimination in my view.

    But at the same time it's pretty harsh to treat all people equally, especially in a flipping talent contest.
    That annoys me too. All this 'we must have more ethnic police officers' nonesense. The percentage of ethnic police officers employed is always going to be relative to the amount of ethnic minority applicants there are. If only 5% of the applications come from ethnic minority backgrounds there will not be 25% of the police force from these communities. Political bullshit if you ask me. My job is to repair power equipment in the building trade. When I went to college there was a couple of thousand boys training in plant operating, mechanics, scaffolding and mechanical engineering. There was only two girls. This is relative to the amount of females I see working in my trade doing hands on stuff on building sites etc.
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