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    FWB wrote:
    Because not everybody is fit to teach or be in control of children. There is an art/skill to teaching, especially kids.

    Remove the holidays and watch the number of teachers drop. It's a thankless job as it is, with excessive hours and relatively low pay for what they do. The holidays kind of make up for it. Michael Grove is a slimy, self serving toad. He consults with nobody when formulating these moronic ideas. Wtf does he know about education? Nothing. Zero experience.
    The references to Asian education are particularly ridiculous given the fact that average Asian schools are generally so inefficient that students end up working their arses off in additional classes.

    Having worked in both the reality is that the reason Asians end up being more successful is that the kids value education far more than English kids.

    The constant scapegoating of teachers and schools in the press really doesn't help with this.
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