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    I'd be in favour of it, if any of it was any good. It rarely is.

    To take Dead Space as an example: the films aren't very good. I remember the animation in the second one ranging from the good to the shit, and the mix of styles was jarring. Even in the first one, the average standard was far higher, but sometimes it looked shockingly cheap, and then go back to looking quite nice.

    Dead Space Ignition was shite, the dev claimed it wasn't a game when it reviewed poorly (IIRC).

    Tie-in novels as a whole tend to be crap, because you get the same circle of journeyman novelists doing work for hire and knocking it out at speed, often working from a universe primer, not having played the games themselves. It's not a writer being inspired by the game, it'sa writer to a story outline from a mong. The writer doesn't give two hoots if it's shite, they're not seeing any of the profits.

    The challenge is, how do you go about creating a cohesive whole from so many different projects in different mediums, made by creative people who can't always stay on the side of the line you want them on, if you want them to do their best work.

    The games I've played (DS, DS2, Extraction), I've really enjoyed. The rest of the media that has been produced has been lacking.

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