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    mcmonkeyplc wrote:
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    If they sell games below the RRP then their RRP is not their RRP it's the new lower RRP.

    Make sense?


    Carry on.
    Not really. They could set an RRP for the disc versions, and make it cheaper in their digital download stores. Not that I believe for a second that this will happen, mind.
    Then they have 2 RRP's.

    Recommended Retail Prices.

    Or an RRP and an RDP

    Recommended Digital price. If they're going to allow other digital distributors. Which I've never seen but it really should exist.

    They can't really recommend a price and then undercut it unless their having a sale.
    They don't need to, respectively can't, "recommend" a digital download price, because they're selling it themselves. But they can recommend a price for retail.
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