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    bumyoghurt wrote:
    I think we're getting close to the issue now, that was a good post.

    I think it's time to realise that the 'core' gamers actually hold such a small % of the market now that it's stupid for a company to pander to them.

    Those are the guys who will buy 4 games a year (probably exclusives) and play them to death, as opposed to gamers like me who buy at least a game a month because I am a bit more open minded and less bothered about what people think of my gaming habits.
    The "core gamers" buy four "hardcore" games a year, while the vast majority of more casual gamers buy siginifcantly more games? Who are these people?

    Most people (just look at the riduclously low attach rates of consoles) buy Fifa, CoD, any maybe the latest Elder Scrolls or Halo game. Which is why these games sell extremely well.

    If you buy a game a month, you're so far from the average console owner, you have no idea. You're the definition of a "core" gamer, whatever your gaming tastes are. You're buying more games a year than people buy for their console over its lifespan, on average.

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