#9362838, By chopsen Are you proud to be English?

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    No dice with me, I'm Welsh by birth so you can carry on being an idiot creating antagonistic threads like this as long as you so chose.
    Let me translate the question into Welsh for you; Are you proud to be a citizen of a principality of England?

    FWIW, if anyone knows when Wales stopped being a prinicipality (under one of the Acts of Union, as I recall) and started being a proper country, I'd appreciate the pointer.

    Edit: Seems the act of union I was thinking of (formally the Laws of Wales Acts 1535-42) stopped Wales being a principality and instead united the two areas under Englands laws to become the land known as 'England and Wales'. I'm still not sure on what basis anyone asserts that Wales (or England for that matter) has become a distinct nation since then.
    Thing is you haven't distinguished between England/Wales as being a political, administrative and legal structure ("England and Wales") and the sense of cultural identity that those who live there or come from there might have("England" and "Wales"). The later sentiments often get lumped under Nationalism, but maybe it shouldn't because because they are not separate nations technically speaking. Though colloquially it gets used all the time (e.g. 6 Nations Rugby). It's semantics really.
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