#9361041, By pigsy2400 Should Sony / Microsoft Enter Dedicated Retail?

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    The demise of many highstreet gaming retail outlets has been covered
    in quite some depth in the news and in the gaming community.

    With the likes of Game, Gamestation,HMV & Blockbuster going into
    adminstration and having major difficulties over the last few years, it
    does have to beg the question, what impact will the Next Generation of
    consoles have on these businesses & vice versa?

    With many highstreet supermarkets like Tesco, selling the latest titles at a loss just to get the traffic of customers through the doors which coupled with bad business models has contributedtowards the gaming retailers decline over the last few years, would itmake sense for Microsoft and Sony to enter the retail space?

    This might sound ridiculous, but all you have to do is look at how Apple
    have took this approach to selling their own hardware at their own
    retail space and the madness that ensues on the opening of a new store
    and the release of new hardware.

    What do you think? Would you go into a Sony / MS store to buy your Next Gen gaming needs if dedicated stores existed?

    Do you think you will have no choice as the gaming retail sectors go bankrupt and cease to exist?

    Will this increase the speed of Cloud Gaming becoming the norm?

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