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    Lukus wrote:
    Breasts are great. No one is denying that. And women making a living in that industry is completely fine, if that's their choice. I don't think it's inherently sexist at all, generally speaking.

    But none of that stops Page 3 from being a tacky, outdated embarrassment. In my opinion, obviously.
    There's a time and a place. And in the context of a national newspaper, it seems completely out of place to me. Although classifying The Sun as a newspaper is a bit of a stretch.
    And given that there's no Cock of the Day photo, you probably could make reasonable argument to suggest that it is a little bit sexist.
    oh aye, it is tacky and an embarrassment, more so for some people than others. I find the Sun as a whole to be an embarrassment, along with a lot of stuff that passes for entertainment which I find crass, borderline offensive, lowest common denominator trash. But I'm not everyone else and it's not for me to dictate what constitutes acceptable level of taste for other people.
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