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    macmurphy wrote:

    Is the sun supposed to apologise for it's popularity? Our politicians and prime ministers write opinion pieces in it. The press and politicians have always had a symbiotic relationship.

    For some the paper may be a decisive factor in forming their political ideology. But the Sun also has some restraint, and politicians help process and decide the ideology. The idea that it's just Murdoch and a few writers is a little bit naive.

    So what exactly are you so angry about? Populist press having influence over politics? It's embedded historically and inevitable. If you don't like the politics, maybe join a party.
    Recently it seems that the press are defining the agenda more and more and the politicians sing to their tune, rather than the politicians doing their own thing and the press reporting on it. (I'm sure someone like meme or kalel can express this better than I can)
    Are you happy with things that way around?
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