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    Answer the question. Did you see a change in the Sun's values or tone when it swapped from Conservative to Labour in the nineties, or when it swapped back in 2009.

    I didn't, so trying to budle it's promotion of (what you percieve to be) conservative values with Conservative politics doesn't stand up.
    I don't read it enough to be able to judge, so I'll have to take your word for the tone not having changed. But orpheus's original point that we're still debating was not about party politics, it was about a broader political leaning (that being a rather nasty vindictive right-wing one). It's you who keeps bringing it back to party politics.
    What I meant to say was to agrue was that the paper does not have a nasty vindictive right wing tone, as you suggest. It's moral tone does not have a basis in politics, something evidenced by the fact it changes political parties regularly. I used the term 'right wing' incorrectly in my previous post.
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