#9363953, By pigsy2400 Do we know too much?

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    Do we know too much?

    When I was 9yrs old, I used to save my pocket money for months and go shopping for commodore64 games. I didnt have access to reviews or opinions on how good / bad the games were like we have today.

    All I had to go on was how cool the box art was and the blurb on the back of the cassette box & possibly some technical talk that made no sense, "MEGA 8 MEMORY" being one such phrase I can remember from the Megadrive/Genesis days. Many of these games I got were gems, but 2months worth of pocket money spent on a game that didnt even work or was bad when it did was heartbreaking to my 9yr old self.

    But in this day and age, we have access to Twitter accounts of developers, blogs, gaming websites, RSS feeds, Leaks, forum postings. In short it seems nothing can be kept secret anymore.

    I would never want to revert to the world of "what the boxart is like" ever again, but it does seem to me that nothing in the games industry can be kept secret anymore, we are overloaded with so much information prior to a new game / hardware unveiling that is no longer, dare I say exciting / fun?

    The lack of surprise & the not knowing what is going to be unveiled or shown has completely gone.

    All it seems now is that we check off what was on the "Rumor" list when something is officially revealed.

    With the Playstation 4 "Reveal" coming on the 20th of February, if that is what is going to happen (the internet certainly has taken it to be so)

    The internet hordes will be out crossing off their real facts against their rumor check list & no doubt complaining and celebrating at the same time.

    Maybe I am still just a 9yr old mentally (it has been suggested before), all I know is that I still want to be surprised & excited and I seldom am these days.
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