#9366136, By Rens11 Top 3 exclusives on each major platform?

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    imamazed wrote:
    RyanDS wrote:
    360: Nothing. All the stuff that was good has later been ported to other systems. (Eg Mass Effect, Braid, Limbo.) The only exclusives I can think of are Gears and Halo, both of which I thought were mediocre at best and wouldn't get more than 6/10 from me. Not to say there isn't a fantastic amount of great stuff on the 360, just no exclusives.
    That's madness. I appreciate you don't enjoy Gears or Halo, but then there's still Mark of the Ninja, Trials HD&Evolution, PGR3&4, Forza2,3,4&H, Dead Rising, Crackdown1&2, Fez, Shadow Complex, The Witcher 2, Alan Wake, Banjos, etc. If you've not played them fair enough (as I said about ps3 earlier) but to deny they might even exist is silly. Maybe none of them had enough, but all consoles from this generation had a fair few good exclusives to talk of.

    EDIT - also, I like the sloth, but he no wearing no hat
    Half of those are on other platforms.

    Thread needs more funny animals..
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