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    @cubbymoore We hand out benefits left right and centre to anyone who comes in. That's why it's so attractive. There's no incentive to work for a lot of these people because they get more in benefits than they would by working in their own country or even here.

    Their benefits go up if they have more children. They get given a bigger house, rent paid for by housing benefit, and also become the parent of a British citizen. The marginal income of having extra children exceeds the marginal cost of raising them. I have to say, a lot of Brits born here have the same outlook as the immigrants I speak of.

    A lot of them will do cash in hand work to supplement their benefit income. From what I've seen, Somalian and Romanian immigrants are the most common to do all of the above. Poles, other African immigrants, sub continental Asian immigrants are usually very hard working and will do a lot of menial jobs to earn a living. Often, menial jobs here pay more than skilled jobs in their homeland.

    The above isn't a biased rant, my parents were immigrants to this country about 35 years ago. Fact is, I've worked in banking. I've spoken to plenty of immigrants, about why they come here, why they stay here, etc etc. I've seen the amounts they get from the government. It's easy to see why they keep coming in, it's a lottery win for them. Although the government is reducing benefits, it's still worth their while to come in, slot into the system and reap the benefits, no pun intended.
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