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    The BBC's Andrew Harding, in the courtroom, says Thursday's proceedings began with an unidentified woman trying to bring an application before the court. The magistrate agreed with both the defence and prosecution that it should not be heard.

    Prosecutor Gerrie Nel confirmed to the court that Det Botha was facing seven attempted murder charges.

    The detective was not initially in court and Magistrate Desmond Nair has asked him to be brought in.
    We've all learned something from this; don't ever get arrested in South Africa. In fact, just don't ever fucking go to South Africa.
    Pro tip. If you get pulled over in SA, especially near an airport, and they try to fine you for something, demand to be taken to the police station to pay. Nine times out of ten they will try to get the (false) payment out of you and then give up and walk away.
    or shot you in the fucking face and take everything you pocessed...........
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