#9370355, By Salaman Need some help with an application as was fired from my last job.

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    pacrifice wrote:
    So, "terminated due to being two minutes late, twice within a three month period"...?

    Then maybe if it gets to an interview stage and they inquire, I'll explain as to what happened that, i asked a friend to sign in as I was entering the building...

    God, no one's ever gonna hire me.
    No, you left because you needed a new challenge or you were made redundant. Then when it gets to an interview, you can explain that you were on the redundancy list because you were late 2 minutes 2 months prior to the redundancy round or that the straw that broke the camels back was how being two minutes late three months apart effectively meant you had to fear for your job.
    No mention of any gross misconduct, that friend that clocked you in doesn't exist until after you sign a new contract somewhere.
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