#9370310, By SClaw Do People need to stop Pre-Ordering?

  • SClaw 14 Feb 2013 23:17:33 826 posts
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    I pre-order everything I like the look of. Not just games but books, DVDs... all that sort of stuff I'd piss my money away on randomly when I just see it in the shops (at a stupidly inflated price). It allows me to budget in advance (I never buy anything from a physical shop, so I have a ready list of what's going out when during the month before I even start spending it). Plus, you don't actually pay until dispatch... so I can pretty much cancel it right up until the day before, which is more than enough time to read a few reviews. Pre-ordering or not pre-ordering makes absolutely no difference if you don't actually pay in advance, which you'd be a turnip to do.

    Bonus shit and so on makes no difference to me, although when I do actually go all the way and let something come I do get it all. Which is... a bonus...

    In fact I don't remember the last time I bought a game which wasn't pre-ordered (Steam sales aside).
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