#9370904, By Do People need to stop Pre-Ordering?

  • Deleted user 15 February 2013 10:31:20
    anthonypappa wrote:
    don't even know why pre-ordering is a thing.

    i "pre-order" a few days before the game is out and i know it's a must buy.

    but what are the reasons ordering months in advance? or even before you know the game is any good?

    is it out of giddiness? stupid practice imo.

    pre-ordering should be to ensure that you book your copy... but when have stocks ever ran out of a game you wanted, across the entire internet?!
    Companies want money before release and get as many sales as they can before anything bad is said about the game. Only before release do they have full control of the hype and marketing.

    They give away things/discounts on pre orders to encourage this.
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