#9378431, By Stoatboy Do People need to stop Pre-Ordering?

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    Publishers make decisions based on the number of pre-orders they get.

    Decisions usually for how large a marketing budget to have, or whether to make additional DLC. Lots of pre-orders = more marketing, higher chance of DLC.

    Probably doesn't make the game any better. Makes it more likely to be in your face and in-stock though. And that makes it more likely to sell.

    If it's shit and people are pre-ordering it that's a problem. If it's brilliant and people aren't - also problematic. But the problems are only there because of all the people preordering in the first place. If nobody pre-ordered AT ALL, nothing would get boosts in stocking and advertising purely because of it.

    The guy complaining that he didn't get hold of Ni No Kuni earlier in the thread? If more people had pre-ordered it then the stores would likely have stocked more copies. Even if it wasn't you pre-ordering - you would have had more chance getting a copy. If it had turned out to be utter garbage that's what the pre-orderers would be getting though. And anyone who picked it up in store because they now had it in stock...

    Edit: In a nutshell - if shit games get lots of preorders they will tend to sell better than they would have without them. If brilliant games get very few preorders they will tend to sell worse than they should have. And niche games will never get the pre-orders to match up to mainstream games so they're fucked on this count from the outset.

    IMO, if you don't pre-order anything you are opting out of this system - casting a "none of the above" vote, as it were.

    Edit 2: Also - if you absolutely definitely want to pre-order - then do it as late as possible. You'll get the pre-order bonuses and prices from the shops, but you won't be telling the publishers anything they can use to their advantage. Pre-ordering months in advance is telling them they have your money already, and so they'll want your cash for DLC too...

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