#9381519, By Stoatboy Do People need to stop Pre-Ordering?

  • Stoatboy 20 Feb 2013 02:40:43 115 posts
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    @TheRealBadabing: No. I've been in meetings where publishers have told us that the preorders are good or bad, and how that's influenced them.

    People preorder early enough to influence the game.

    If they're doing that they're telling the publisher they already have their money - they're already buying what they're selling.

    Let's ask how Aliens:CM got released in the state it was again, shall we?

    People pre-ordered it - fucking loads of them judging by the comments threads. Lots rescinded apparently, but most didn't...

    You can blaim Gearbox for releasing it - but they thought it was good enough. Maybe "somebody" (everyone who still had a pre-order) told them it was...
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