#9381584, By The Horsemeat Scandal

  • Deleted user 20 February 2013 07:58:20
    The entire horsemeat scandal, (and the 'pink slime' one before it), reminds me of the following excerpt from Scott Adams' book The Dilbert Principle (page 138):

    Marketer #1: "You and I might prefer beef in our hamburgers, but the average consumer isn't that discriminating."

    Marketer #2: "I heard of a guy who eats light bulbs and nails."

    Marketer #1: "Exactly. They don't care what they eat."

    Marketer #2: "So we could fill our burgers with lawn clippings and toenails and that kind of [expletive deleted] and they'd never know the difference."

    Marketer #1: "They might even thank us for saving them money."

    Marketer #2: "I'm exhausted from all of this market analysis. You want to get a steak?"

    Marketer #1: "I'm a vegetarian."

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