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    Moot_Point wrote:
    kalel wrote:
    This is exactly the point I'm making. We're so quick to provide "balance" and "what about such and such" that it effectively becomes a taboo subject. It shouldn't be one.
    Yeah I agree that talking about Islam and Muslims are a taboo subject. It just seems to me that even though Muslims choose to be peaceful, they still read the same texts that Islamists do and it is becoming apparent that the growing children of Muslims are following the older doctrines more than the peaceful ones.

    I just get a bad feeling about this, and I am not at all religious in any way shape or form.
    They're not a taboo subject. The mere fact we're talking about it is indicative that it's not taboo. Or so I believe.

    What it is is a touchy subject, where people on all sides are far too quick to leap into positions on shakey ground, get angry, insult each other, and only further their prejudices, rather than understanding. Then people start arguing that they're repressed, et al.

    As Kalel says, it's quite clear that a significant amount of Muslims around the world practise a form of their faith that you'd really not want to live under, unless you joined them. That is the case: of course it is - there are billions of people on this planet, and most of them, in one capacity or another, live lives I don't want. Ditto with any other faith. And that's the whole point: faith is a fact of human life, and the particulars of each act as conduits for human rationality & irrationality, both of which can cause harm and good.

    The trick is to separate incidents (e.g. anecdotes, news reports, et al) and identify which is important, which is part of a larger trend, which is applicable to anyone else in the same situation, etc etc. Not leap at each other's throats, crying 'racist!' or 'PC police!'. That's just boring.

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