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    SuperCoolEskimo wrote:
    The stuff about Islam being a violent religion is wrong - iirc violence is only allowed if you are being physically persecuted and even then it's a last resort.

    The biggest annoyance I have is when culture and religion get confused. For example, iirc it doesn't say anywhere in Islamic teaching that women have to be covered head to toe, yet certain Muslim cultures choose to oppress women in this way and it's seen as an Islamic thing by people.

    Fwiw the Muslims were the first to give women the vote, rights to an education, to work and own property, the right to divorce, etc. If anything, the perception of Islam's view on women is distinctly the opposite to what the religion teaches, simply because some Muslim cultures have treated women so 'unIslamically' for so long.
    I don'r think it as black and white as this either. The Koran and hadiths are, like many ancient texts, ambiguous. You can find both beauty and equality in them and hatred, inequality and misogyny. To argue that Islam is inherently one way or the other is myopic (there are plenty of Islamic liberals) but it is a fact that Islam can, and often does, lend itself well to sexist ideologies and cultures (testomony of one man is equal to two women and all that).

    I just wish liberal Muslims had more of a voice and werent drowned out by the shouty fanatics
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