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    Tonka wrote:
    The Reason I'm not worried
    by Tonka

    Here's the thing. If you are scared of fundamental islamists taking over your country and enforcing their private version of sharia upon you there really is nothing you can do.

    Look at what the romans did to christians back in the day. fed them to the lions. Look at what the norse did to christians, chopped their heads off.

    If such extreme measures didn't matter then what will? Nothing, right? Right.

    Religion is a meme. You cannot stop it by taking lives. You need to offer up a better alternative.

    Now look at where extreme islamist is spreading and it isn't any nice places where they've got their shit in order. The best alternative to fighting this fundamental dystopia that a lot of people like to label "Islam" is together your shit together and build a better alternative. Which really shouldn't be that hard if you look at public hanging videos from Afghanistan.

    The bigger problem is that power hungry white men sieze on this opportunity to create pseudo-fascist right wing parties all over europe. Selling the false idea that muslim immigrants are the root of all evil.

    As soon as we run out of oil none of this will matter.
    Totally agree. Any repression, persecution or vilification of Muslims (Daily Mail/Express) just fuels Islamism and shows Western liberal societies and cultures as decadent and hypocritical.

    I have many Iranian friends (both Muslim and Bahai) and they all hate Iranian theocracy but they also get a pissed off with all the fucking scare mongering in the West and do feel marginalised by it. I dont think this is a road we, as a society, should be going down
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