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    uglygamer wrote:
    Moot_Point wrote:
    @uglygamer Do you think it is right for Islamists/Muslims to force others who show no interest in religion to adopt Muslim beliefs?

    If someone wishes to drink a can of beer whilst walking down the road, is it at all right for that person to be accosted just by walking past a Mosque?
    If you are referring to the Muslims who were trying to implement Sharia Law on Non-Muslims in the UK, I completely disagree with what they did. Firstly we are the minority, its not an Islamic country, we have to also abide by the law of the country we are in.
    We simply are not allowed to force anyone to become Muslims or change their lifestyles.

    During the lifetime of Muhammad (sallal laho alaihi wasallam), the Muslims were getting tortured by their own people ( in some cases their own families) so a lot of them migrated to Abyssina, were the ruler was a Christian, and they lived there for years, never did they force people to become Muslims or change the way the Christians lived. Everyone just got along, living their own lives.

    Also one time when Muhammad (sallal laho alaihi wasallam) was preaching to a non-Muslim when a Blind Muslim named Abd-Allah ibn Umm-Maktum came along and asked a question, Muhammad (sallal laho alaihi wasallam)did not want to turn his attention away from who he was talking to, and Allah admonished our
    Prophet (sallal laho alaihi wasallam) with the revelation

    "The Prophet frowned and turned away. Because there came to him the blind man, [interrupting]. But what would make you perceive, [O Muhammad],
    that perhaps he might be purified. Or be reminded and the remembrance would benefit him? As for he who thinks himself without need, To him you give attention."

    And the most obvious proof in the Qur'an it says

    "Let there be no compulsion in religion"

    So no forcing the Sharia Law on non-Muslims in their countries.
    Interesting opinion. Thanks

    RedSparrows wrote:
    Don't worry ugly, Moot'll just ignore what you said and carry on with his peculiar fixations.
    What's your problem?
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